Institutions and Resources

There are numerous organisations directly or indirectly concerned with traditonal culture in Greece and sooner or later a researcher into Greek dance, either working independently or on behalf of a dance group, will need to consult one of them, either for information or guidance. Most of them have stocks of folklore material, libraries, photographic archives and film libraries where one will find relevant information.

It is apparent from the following catalogue that none of these foundations deals exclusively with traditional dance, indeed to most of them dance as a subject of research is unknown. However, since they are involved with related subjects or folklore studies in general, they are essential stations for all who are interested. The researcher will not only benefit from the work of predecessors, he will avoid erroneous directions and useless effort.

Some of these foundations have expert staff who have studied related subjects (Ethnology, Anthropology, Sociology, Musicology) and can give advice on the correct methodological course of a project. Others have staff with practical knowledge of folklore studies or fieldwork experience, who can assist with useful information, acquaintances and material. There are also societies specialised in a particular region or subject - there one will find people willing not only to help but actually participate in a research project.

This last category encompasses local, regional or village societies in the towns and cities, in Greece and overseas. The nostalgia of those obliged to leave their native village drives them to found societies, clubs and fraternities in even the most far-flung places, and so many are they across the globe that it is impossible to list them all. Nevertheless, they are often fruitful sources of original material and by inquiring there one is able to track down the oldest men and women who are able to recall in detail the dance and other customs of the past.